Monday, February 16, 2015

BOFA Update 4 and bad news

First the bad news. As my job has dramatically increased my workload, we will not be able to finish the battle table for Cold Wars. There is no way we can finish the table in time. At this rate I will be lucky to be able to go to the con.

So these 2 events are canceled:
F-332 - The Battle of Five Armies
S-356 - The Battle of Five Armies

I apologize if you registered for these events but it is beyond my control. We will continue to build slowly as time allows and hope to have this complete for NJ Con in June. We will also look to put the game on at Fall In 2015. The table is too big to take to Historicon. You try sticking the 3 gamers and the Erebor into a minivan for 6 hours.

Anyway here is the small amount of progress we made.

18 bags of Black Raven Foundry Orcs and Wolves. 3 bags of some other odds and ends we needed.

Carving out channels for the river and placing the gate onto the board.

Glued in place after I added dragon damage.

Again lots of test fits and mock builds as we are not 100% certain how to join it all together.

Trying this and that. It's a bit of a juggling act. We have to balance out, what Tolkien wrote, what works for a game, what works for a battle table, and what works for a battle table that needs to fit into a minivan AND go up the stairs out of my basement.

After spending a good amount of time we have landed on our design. The foam-core bridge is just a place holder to get an idea what it will look like. But that will be the essential look.

Most of this work took place back in January and since then I have not been able to touch the table in 2 weeks.

Again sorry for canceling if you registered, Xin and the BOFA team.

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  1. Sad news. I was looking forward to seeing the table. Life gets in the way of all of us though! Keep up the good work when you can!